555 Tuna Adapts to the Millennial Market
May 31, 2016 11:00:00 AM

In its effort to be constantly relevant and updated, 555 Tuna launched a new campaign using a young and much-sought after endorser in the person of Nadine Lustre, one of todays hottest female stars.


The unique selling proposition of the brand has always been its wide array of Filipino-flavored tuna viands. These flavor variants are positioned as being "kumpletuna" (complete-tuna) for they are made up of not just healthy tuna but are prepared with various sauces and Filipino ingredients.


In the ad, she appears with character actress Cherry Pie Pichache whome she teaches about the healthy goodness of 555 Tuna. Watch the TVC here.


Because of this campaign, 555 Tuna is currently experiencing double-digit growth versus same period last year, thereby exceeding targets.