Birch Tree Relaunch Aims To Desegmentize Powdered Milk Market
March 12, 2017 12:00:00 AM

Approximately 50% of the Philippine population drinks milk. However, the product choices are very segmented in terms of the target age they cater to. In a time when mothers are always on the lookout for more affordable ways to provide nutrition for their families, there is an opportunity for Birch Tree to strengthen its equity as "everybody's milk", a milk that can cater to more members of the family.


With Birch Tree Fortified, a mother does not need to buy many different types of milk for the other members of her family. It is a very good choice – being the only one with Fibroboost that helps make the stomach healthy.


The campaign also aims to promote milk drinking among more members of the family, including millennials. This is why the brand has chosen Liza Soberano as its brand ambassador. Not only is she one of the hottest young celebrities today, her following and influence on the youth can really help make the brand more relevant to them.


Barely a month since launch, Brand Manager Leah Macalincag revealed that the new campaign has created a very strong demand for Birch Tree Fortified, and keeping up with it has become their new challenge. Very good news, indeed.


Watch the ad here.