Century Corned Tuna Flexes its Muscle via Ad with New Endorser Luis Manzano
March 8, 2017 8:25:00 AM

After years of low profile existence, Century Pacific Food's Corned Tuna variant finally enjoys the marketing support it deserves... and the limelight, too! Its new advertising features no less than actor/host Luis Manzano, and introduces a bigger and hotter version of the product.


Directed by Sid Maderazo, the spot shows Manzano being stalked by a bevy of sexy, beautiful women. Creative Director Don Bautista says, "Luis has always been healthy and fit, making him the perfect choice for this particular material. Fact is, we have always wanted to work with him. And he turned out to be such a pleasure to work with. He is a gifted actor with a very good sense of humor."


With Manzano as endorser, the ad is designed to strengthen the corned tuna business of CPFI. Watch the commercial here.