Goldilocks at 50: Celebrations of Love
August 15, 2016 12:00:00 AM

12,600,000 celebrations a year... and many more to come!


We've been handling the Goldilocks Bakeshop brand for more than ten years now. For their 40th anniversary, we created a modern Tagalog birthday song sung by the country's soul siren, Nina.


This year, in honor of their 50th year, we recreated the unforgettable celebrations that we Filipinos shared all these years, the fun that defined our spirit, and the love and caring that we brought to every birthday, graduation, Christmas, wedding, baptism, get-together, and more. We feel mighty proud that Goldilocks has been part of all that, making each moment sweeter and more delightful for Pinoys like us.

Currently, Goldilocks is the country's best-loved bakeshop, enjoying double-digit growth in its celebration and premium cakes segments compared to same period of last year.

Happy 50th, Goldilocks! Watch the TV commercial (currently with more than 2 million views on Facebook) here.