PC&V Wins Back 555 Tuna Account
April 11, 2013 2:27:19 AM

Century Canning Corporation has aligned all of its brands with PC&V Communications this 2013, including 555 Tuna. "We had to do a bit of a relaunch of the brand," says PC&V President Ariel Comia, "We tweaked the message to strengthen the taste & quality equity, and lightened the tonality of the advertising for greater appeal amongst the market."


Certainly, making 555 Tuna a more fun and likable brand is easy with endorser Robin Padilla, whose machismo is infused with a charming sense of humor. Add to that a vivacious and beautiful Cristine Reyes for more sex appeal. The result is a winning new TV ad entitled "Galing" (great). Watch it here.